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Why Rent?                                                                     

1.  A Tradition of Quality, Value and Service

You may know us as the folks who send rental brochures to your school on behalf of a local music store at the beginning of each school year. Often recognized as the leader in quality, value and service, Veritas Instrument Rental offers a host of services for the educator, the parent, and students.

2.  Educator-Approved Brand Name Instruments

Parents & students are able to choose from quality American and European-made brass and woodwind instruments as well as European-made stringed instruments from such brands as Selmer, Bach, Vito, Leblanc, Holton, Emerson, Gemeinhardt, Jupiter, Ross, Artley, Armstrong, King, Conn, Benge Besson, Buffet, Knilling, Hermann Beyer, Josef Reiter, Scherl & Roth, Glaesel, Schroetter and Paesold. While most of our instruments are brand new, we also offer like-new instruments for rental at a reduced rate, making this program available to all of your students. To accommodate the growing needs of students, we now offer upgraded intermediate instruments in our rent-to-own program.

3.  Superior Local Service

When your students choose Veritas Instrument Rental, instruments in need of service can be dropped off at any of our conveniently located affiliate stores. Loaners are usually provided to prevent students from coming to class empty-handed. Our optional Maintenance & Replacement (M&R) program is available with every instrument rental. Our staffed repair technicians take pride in making sure all of our band and string instruments are kept in excellent playing condition.

4.  Vast Educational Services

By working with one of the largest instrument rental programs in the nation, you'll have access to many resources and opportunities designed to enhance your music education program. Continuing education seminars, in-school clinics and presentations, scholarship opportunities and support from nationally accredited organizations like NAMM, NASMD and NAPBIRT are just a few examples of the support we provide to music educators and their students.

5.  Big Cash Purchase Discounts

We offer cash discounts to our customers interested in purchasing any of our new or like-new instruments (even if renting). We will match or beat any competitor's advertised price.

6.  Student Recruiting Support

Need help getting your program started? We can help by coordinating recruiting clinics, demonstration seminars and rental meetings. Our professional staff will help parents of band & orchestra students through the important decision of whether to purchase or rent-to-own a musical instrument. We can even help with accessories such as method books, specialty mouthpieces and a complete selection of cleaning/maintenance supplies. This is your opportunity to outfit your students with the tools they need to begin class immediately!

Why Upgrade? 

1.  Playability

Many students exceed the performance limits of their base-model instrument by the second year of band or orchestra. Intermediate instruments take students to the next level of performance with increased playability, consistency and tone quality.


2.  Professional Features

Upgrade instruments often include the same features and craftsmanship found in professional models costing thousands of dollars more. Intermediate instruments are typically the best overall value to parents & students.


3.  Upgrade and Exchange Options

If parents are currently renting-to-own a student model instrument from us, they may upgrade with up to 24 months rent credit applied towards the purchase price of an upgrade instrument. Parents also have the flexibility of continuing to make low monthly payments toward the balance.


4.  Maintenance and Replacement Coverage

You Can Count On For a small monthly fee, upgrade instruments are covered against loss, theft, or damage beyond repair. Free loaner instruments are provided (when available) while repairs are performed by our certified service professionals. Because we work through affiliated retailers, students should never go without an instrument.

5.  Cancel at Any Time

This is a month-to-month rental program. There is no minimum term and instrument may be returned at any time with no obligation, whether it's a student model or upgrade instrument.


6.  Big Cash Purchase Discounts

We offer cash discount incentives for those interested in purchasing or paying off any of our quality brand name band & orchestra instruments. We will match or beat anyone's advertised price!



Thinking of Returning Your Instrument?  THINK AGAIN! 

1.  With each payment made, you've been building equity in your child's musical instrument. 100% of the Base Rent paid has been automatically applied toward the purchase. Thus, you will eventually own your instrument if your payments are continued. For example, if your monthly Base Rent is $20 and you've made 12 payments, you've accumulated $240.00 in rent credit. In many cases, that's over a third of the purchase price!


2.  Many parents consider returning now because the Summer months include a break from musical instruction (through school programs and/or private lessons). The same number of parents, however, do not realize that returning the instrument cancels the rental agreement and all rent credit or equity is lost. Consequently, a new rental agreement must be established when students return to their music programs in the Fall. Is your child expressing an interest in music education for next year? Be sure to ask your child of his or her continued interest before you return. And We Haven't Even Talked About the Benefits of Music Education!​


3.  Unlike team sports, students in school band or orchestra can always participate. No one sits on the bench waiting for a chance to play.

Students who participate in school music programs are 52% more likely to go on to college and graduate. According to a recent study conducted by neurologist Dr. Frank Wilson, when a musician plays he/she uses approximately 90% of the brain. Wilson could find no other activity that uses the brain to this extent.


4.  The study had also shown students who took more than four years of music and the other arts scored 34 points better on the verbal portion of the SAT than those who took music for less than a year. A recent Rockefeller Foundation study discovered that music students have the highest rate of admittance to medical schools. Music scholarships are also a great source of funding for a college education.


5.  When a child succeeds at the diverse tasks required to play an instrument, self-esteem is enhanced. As a student begins to understand the connection between practice and the quality of performance, self-discipline becomes self-enforcing. It may then be a short jump to making the connection between self-discipline and performance in life.


6.  Students in band or orchestra develop higher cognitive skills and increased ability to analyze and evaluate information. They also learn about teamwork and conflict/resolution skills required for success in the modern workplace while enjoying the healthy, positive activity of band and orchestra with friends.